Azure Application Proxy – Replace Certificate

Every year again… comes a new SSL-certificate and want to be replaced. Since doing so within the Azure Portal is quite a tedious task, here’s a script that gets the work done quite easily and fast. Simply adjust the constants in the script’s header, and you’re all set.

PowerShell and REST API: Part 1

It took me quite a while figuring this one out and understanding it. I hope this article helps you save some time. So you want to “automate stuff” with PowerShell via REST API, without a user account? Here’s your tutorial. Remark: In order to do anything, we still need to authenticate somehow… This is done Read more about PowerShell and REST API: Part 1[…]

Report all Azure AD role assignments

Having “historically grown” structures it could happen that you lose the overview of all role assisgnments in Azure AD. With this script you can create a report:


Enable MFA for all Azure AD users

“Safety first”… well, security first fits better. There are two ways to trigger MFA within the Microsoft Cloud environment: Conditional Access Directly on the user object within Azure AD If there is company policy for example, which requires all administrative accounts to have MFA enabled within their user objects this script help:

This script Read more about Enable MFA for all Azure AD users[…]